[Musikvideo] Hang im Wald


Ein Tag im wunderschönen Wald der belgisch-deutschen Eifellandschaft, gemeinsam mit meinem Lieblingsintrument, der Handpan, und umgeben von frischer und goldig sonniger Mutter Natur.

Dieses Instrument verleitet mich in einen Zustand der Trance, verhilft mir zu entspannen, zu genießen und mich mit meiner unmittelbaren Naturumgebung verbunden zu fühlen.

Anbei ein Text auf englisch, der in Worten beschreiben soll, was ich gefühlt habe, als dieses Lied in den vergangenen Wochen entstanden ist:

Enjoying my view from the highest point I reached in my life.
Freedom is not the absence of responsibility, but the opportunity to have a choice. My life changed a lot in the last six weeks and it was not my choice, not my decisions.
Four weeks I was surrounded by other people doubts, fears and pain. You become the one, with whom you spend your time. So I felt some heavy severity, but not badness inside of myself.
I was able to hold my inner light in my thoughts and intentions. But I lost the power to express this light. I tried everything, tried really to give my best, to bring everything and everybody around me back in harmony. I served. Its one of my skills, but not my mission, not what I can do best. Above all its not my path of life. Not now.

I manifested my future to early, able to feel my needs and able to see my visions, but unable to wait. Being patient is one of my biggest life lessons.
Life has to correct and change the path I choosed. It was not the right time for some particular wishes. The right time is always very important. If you come to early, or to late, you will miss your chance. Its like taking the train.

For some moments it felt like loosing everything. Some unique connections and the women I loved most, are not anymore part of my life. I wanted to include everybody, to take the biggest challanges, but I created chaos for others.
I played „all in“, in love, and for few days I was the richest human on earth. Gifted with all I ever wanted. Surrounded by love inside and outside.
Again, it was not my decision, but that everything changed, was the best, what could happend.

I trust in it. In any moment. I am creator of my experience, but also everything is still written. And there is always just one way, how things can happen. The way, they are happening.

I believed in other people words. I trusted them. People, I never saw acting them like what they speak. I trusted. And at no point this was a mistake, because I will always see the best version of others. Thats the view, the perspective I want in my world.
To realize an illusion is not nice, but necessary. Its part of enlightment, which is a destructive issue. Its about letting go, what is not you, what is not true.

I needed one week to find back in balance, one week alone, doing what I love and living every day like my last. Magic started to happen again.
Two weeks more and I found myself back in community of friends, who were always next to me. Who will always support and stay close to me, even in difficult times. They proofed it.
Friends, people, who are part of my mission:
bringing the message of light and love into this world, for the next evolution of mankind. We are working for the next step, to build the bridge, so that all of us can walk over this bridge into earth paradise.

Today, after climbing this mountain of challanges, I stand on the highest point in my life. Able to see, what is behind, what is under and what surrounds me. Able to see from a higher perspective, becoming higher and higher. I won clearness, wisdom and become a true force.

I lost nothing, and I won everything.

Rene you are a master of justice, resolutions, moral principles and courage, with the ability to make considered decisions and sensible conclusions. Andreas, with the power of love, passion and heart decisions, who will always take a risk for the right things.
Together we are an army of lightwarriors. You both, my best and most loyal friends, are the purest and strongest lightwarriors on my path of life.
La Gomera, this island where we will meet again very soon, has never seen a power like yours.
I am sure.

Lets play some games, explore our inner child, inspire and unite all.


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